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The Harvard Catholic Center invites students, faculty, alumni and the greater university community to grow into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ through the Roman Catholic tradition of worship, inquiry, prayer, and service to develop informed and compassionate individuals who use their intellectual and spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Church and the World.

seek2017 undergraduates group

Congratulations to  all newly minted Harvard Catholic alumni, to whom we offer our abundant blessings and good wishes! They gathered (above) with Fathers George Salzmann (l) and  Mark Murphy (r) after the traditional Baccalaureate Mass on May 21, and then in DiGiovanni Hall to celebrate with family, friends, guests, clergy, staff, the choir, parishioners, and volunteers.

It is hard to stereotype the people in any Harvard crowd and that is certainly true at the Harvard Catholic Center.  Some students come by for Sunday Eucharist, while others get absorbed with projects and friendships that last for years.  Still, all are bound by a common faith in Christ.  For Catholic students, Harvard is as much a pilgrimage of the heart and soul as it is a challenge for strong minds.

Over the years, thousands of women and men have brought a rich tradition of Catholic life to the University.  As a ministry of the Archdiocese of Boston and St. Paul Parish in Harvard Square, the Center keeps this tradition alive and flourishing on campus.  This is reflected in the Center's mission statement.

 Student Center Sign

Harvard Catholic Center Publications

Only through support from students, parents, alumni/ae, and friends is the Harvard Catholic Center able to sustain its mission of worship, inquiry, prayer, and service; all in the name of Jesus Christ.  We cannot say it enough - Thank You!

Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Traditional Blessing of Graduates

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Harvard Catholic Magazine FALL 2016

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Annual Report 2015

Latin Oratory at 2015 Commencement

Mass of the Holy Spirit Gallery

Harvard Catholic Magazine

Student Lounge Renewal Project
"Let us rise up and build." - Nehemiah 2:17-18


Sunday @ 5p, St. Paul's Church;
offered each Sunday during the fall semester
University Community Mass (Sunday, 5P)
on hiatus until the Fall '17 Term
*** Resumes on Sunday, August, 27 ***

Sunday @ 8p, HBS Chapel
On hiatus until the Fall '17 Term

 6:30p, WCC 1010;
On hiatus until the Fall '17 Term

(HMS, HSDM, HSPH, Hospital Residents)
Wednesdays @ 8:30p, JBM Lounge Vanderbilt Hall, Avenue
On hiatus until the Fall '17 Term


Beginning on Saturday, July 1 the “Summer Chapel” in air conditioned DiGiovanni Hall will be open through August 31. All weekday Masses as well as the Saturday 9a, 5p Vigil, and the Sunday 7:30a Masses will be celebrated in DiGiovanni Hall.  Please note that the Sunday 9:30am and 11:00am Masses will be celebrated in the Upper Church.


Daily Mass
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM & 12:10 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM
Sunday: 5:00 PM
University Community Mass (Sunday, 5P)
on hiatus until the Fall '17 Term

Saturday Vigil
5:00 PM

Sunday Mass
7:30 AM, 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM
5:00 PM
University Community Mass (Sunday, 5P)
on hiatus until the Fall '17 Term

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Friday Adoration on hiatus until the Fall '17 Term

Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Thursday 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Thursday Reconciliation = on hiatus until the Fall '17 Term
Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
~ or by appointment.

Anointing of the Sick
Immediately following the 9A on the 1st Saturday of each month

Visit St. Paul Parish website for more details

DGH = DiGiovanni Hall
UC = Upper Church
LC = Lower Church


summer scene wheat harvest

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

- Genesis 8:22

SAVE THE DATE for these Harvard Catholic Center, St. Paul Parish, or St. Paul Choir School sponsored/hosted 2016-2017 events.

Ongoing St. Paul's Parish/Harvard Catholic Center Volunteer Service Opportunities
  • DudleyFest - Thursday, August 24, 12:30p, Dudley House; new and returning GSAS students welcome; visit the Harvard Catholic Center table.
  • Ave Maria - 2nd international CD by the St. Paul's Choir School drops, September 8; view trailer here.
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit - Sunday, September 17, 11a, St. Paul's Church; Reception, DiGiovanni Hall; Most Rev. Bernard Hebda '81, Principal Celebrant/Homilist
  • St. Paul Climate Justice Initiative - Ongoing effort to foster climate justice and ecological spirituality; contact Katherine Culbertson '19 for more information
  • Food Pantry - Saturdays, St. Paul's Lower Church. Contact Tara Lauriat for more information
  • ESOL Program - Saturdays, 10a-12p, throughout the university school year. Contact Brian Rinz for details
  • EVkids Tutor/Mentor Program - EVcorps runs through the university school year. Contact Heather Angell, Tutor Director/Chaplain, call 978.478.7481 or visit www.evkids.org to learn more

SAVE THE DATE for other important area events

Did you know that the Harvard Catholic Center sends out a weekly e-bulletin of events, liturgies, discussion groups, volunteer opportunities, and more?  Opt-in via the subscribe tool near the bottom of this page or sign-up through info@harvardcatholic.org. Thank you for staying connected.

Harvard Catholic Law Students Association invites you to visit its website and check out its Facebook page for all the Catholic goings-on at HLS.  Contact Patricia Alejandro '17 if you have any questions, need more information, etc.

Did you know that the Harvard Catholic Center - Graduate Students and Young Professionals maintain a Facebook page for all the GS/YP programs, events, and more?
You are encouraged to visit, join, post, and share.


TUESDAYS, 8:00 PM, St. Paul's Church
Named after John Paul II's motto Totus Tuus, meaning totally Yours, Totus Tuesday is a weekly holy hour run by the Harvard Catholic Student Association (CSA) from 8:00-9:00 P.M. on Tuesdays in St. Paul's.  Throughout this hour, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for Adoration, while one of the chaplains hears confessions.  Totus Tuesday concludes with Benediction and is always followed by our Super Tuesday hangout - i.e. snacks, games, conversations, etc. - in the Student Lounge. Please contact Ben Kelly for more information about this wonderful way to spend time in prayer with Our Lord!
UPDATE: On hiatus until the Fall '17 Term.

Did you miss one of the Thomistic Institute talks at Harvard?
Listen to past events by visiting either of these TI On Campus Harvard University links:

Graduate Students or Undergraduate Students

Thursday, September 21, TBD, Harvard University
TOPIC: Virtue and Human Happiness
Prof. Candace Vogler, University of Chicago
Co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Center Graduate Student Chaplaincy. Registration TBD.

Friday, September 22, TBD,
Harvard University
TOPIC: The Privative Account of Evil
Prof. Candace Vogler, University of Chicago
Co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Center Graduate Student Chaplaincy. Registration TBD.

Thursday, October 19, TBD, Harvard University
TOPIC: Jesus and Nietzsche
Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, Thomistic Institute
Co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Center Graduate Student Chaplaincy. Registration TBD.

Friday, October 20, TBD, Harvard University
TOPIC: Fr. White at Harvard Medical School
Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, Thomistic Institute
Co-sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Center Graduate Student Chaplaincy. Registration TBD.

"IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS" - A Pilgrimage to Catholic France

You are enthusiastically invited to walk 'in their footsteps' - virtually and spiritually - when you visit the In Their Footsteps website. Several Harvard Catholic and/or young professional 'pilgrims' have gathered their thoughts, impressions, photos, and more, and encourage you to explore the site. And if you are curious to know even more about this special  trip, a Google drive  holds additional photos and trip information.  Happy, and blessed, trails to all who seek and all who wander.

Fr. George Salzmann, Brother Joël, and HCC Students in Ligugé, France standing
just above the foundations
of the oldest monastery in the western world built in the fourth century.


June 3 - 11, 2017

A group of young adults from St. Paul's Church and Boston enjoyed a blessed and pleasant trip as they traced the paths of extraordinary French saints throughout Lourdes, Lisieux, Paris, and beyond. This trip was exclusively planned by, and for, Harvard Catholic graduate students, young professionals and graduating seniors.

pilgrimage footsteps france


Thursdaysafter the 8a and 12:10p Masses, St. Paul's Church
Meet other graduate students, post-docs, and young professionals in the front left of St. Paul's Church near the chapel dedicated to Mary, after the daily Masses at 8:00 a.m. and at 12:10p to pray the rosary together. For more information, and/or if you would like to be added to the 'wake-up call' list, contact Angie Acquatella.
UPDATE: On hiatus until Fall '17 Term.


EVERY SUNDAY at 12:10 PM (after 11:00 AM Mass)
Harvard Catholic Center, Student Lounge (Enter at 20 Arrow Street or at 29 Mount Auburn Street)

Grad students and young professionals gather each Sunday as a small church community to read and reflect on the Sunday readings and to share and pray about finding God in everyday life. E-mail:  Ben Schlanger

************** Please note the new time of 12:10 PM - in effect throughout the summer term. *****************

(Young Professionals are welcome!)

The HCC Women's Fellowship group welcomes all graduate student, postdoctorate, and young professional women! 
Contact Jane Riccardi or Ginna Ramos for details and/or if you would like to learn more about this group visit our Facebook page.
Future date(s):


Multimedia Room and Student Lounge

Graduate students and young professionals are invited to join this discussion group over food and wine on how best to live out our Catholic faith in the world. Contact: Desmond Conway.
Future date(s): TBD

UPDATE: On hiatus until Fall '17 Term.


UPDATE: Groups of graduate students/young professionals self-organize a place, day, date, and time-frame for recreational/social area activities. Groups and/or individuals wanting to organize a Days Away! are encouraged to contact Fr. George Salzmann directly.
Future date(s):


MONDAY, JULY 17 - Catholic Night at Fenway Park
6:30p meetup time, Boston Red Sox @ Fenway Park


SATURDAY, MAY 13 - Arnold Arboretum!
1:00p meetup time, Arnold Arboretum


SATURDAY, MARCH 25 - Museum of Science!

12:30p meetup time, Boston Museum of Science


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10 - Harvard Ice Hockey!
6:45p meetup time, Bright-Landry Hockey Center


SATURDAY, JANUARY 21 - Ice Skating!
4:00p meetup time, Frog Pond, Boston Common

days away skating frog pond


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2016 - Holiday Celebration!
12:00p meetup time, McMullen Museum of Art


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2016 - Harvard vs. Columbia Football Game!
12:30p meetup time, Harvard Stadium

daysaway football


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2016 - Hiking!
10:30a meetup time, Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA

Oct2016 DaysAway Hiking


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 - Apple Picking!
10:30 am meetup time,  Carver Hill Orchard, Stow, MA

September2016 DaysAway ApplePicking


Gather at 7:00 p.m - Dinner at 7:30 p.m., Student Lounge

29 Mount Auburn Street
No need to RSVP - just bring $5 and yourself and enjoy a pasta dinner!
Future date(s): July 20, August 31, September 21, October 19, November 16

HCC FILM NIGHT for Graduate Students, Post Docs, and Early Career Professionals

LAST FRIDAY of the MONTH, 7:00 PM, Student Lounge

January 27 - The Intouchables (2011, France)

February 24 - Desire of the Everlasting Hills (2015, US); The Drop Box (2015, South Korea) - documentary night

March 31 - Wild Strawberries (1957, Sweden)

April 28 - Barton Fink (1991, US)

May 26 Song of Bernadette (1943, US)

June 30 - The Immigrant (2013, US)

July 28 The Truman Show (1998, US)

August 25 Ida (2013, Poland)

September 29 Departures (1998, Japan)

October 27 - The Witch: A New England Folktale (2015, US)

December 1 - O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000, US)

December 29 - The Gospel According to Matthew (1964, Italy)

HCC Film Night is held at 7 pm on the last Friday of every month (except for November/December '16) in the newly renovated Student Lounge. Popcorn and beverages will be provided.

Contact: hccfilmnight@gmail.com



7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
HCC Multimedia Room
(enter at 20 Arrow Street or 29 Mount Auburn Street)

Graduate students and young professionals are invited to join the theological discussion group, Lumen Veritatis. We engage in a close reading and discussion of texts by outstanding Catholic teachers, such as Hans Urs von Balthasar, Joseph Ratzinger, Blessed John Henry Newman, and Josef Pieper. Contact Jason LaLonde.

Future tentative date(s): September 6 & 27, October 18, November 8 & 29, December 13

UPDATE: On hiatus until Fall '17 Term.

EX LIBRIS: The Lives and Writings of the Saints

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
HCC Student Lounge (enter at 20 Arrow Street or 29 Mount Auburn Street)

Join us for an informal discussion of works about and/or by the saints. You are warmly welcome even if you aren't able to read the excerpts ahead of time. Future readings may include portions of St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises and/or Salvifici Doloris by Pope St. John Paul II.
For information, email Elizabeth Choe.
Visit the Ex Libris blog.
Future date(s): TBD.

UPDATE: On hiatus until Fall '17 Term.

Past readings have included excerpts from:

St. Albert the Great and others On Cleaving God

St. Elizabeth Anne Seton "Our daily work is to do the will of God"

Father James Martin Becoming Who You Are

15th World Youth Day Address of the Holy Father John Paul II Vigil of Prayer, August 19, 2000

Story of a Soul:The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Terese of Avila’s The Interior Castle

St. Teresa's Come Be My Light

St. Francis de Sales' Introduction to the Devout Life

The Diary of St. Faustina

St. Alphonsus de Liguori's Uniformity with God's Will


2nd SUNDAY of the MONTH, 10:30AM, St. Paul's Church - Conference Room 101 (enter 29 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA)
Engaged? Married? New Family? Come join us for a potluck brunch the second Sunday of each month following the 9:30am Mass.
Join the e-mail list: HarvardCatholicYCNF@gmail.com
Future date(s): August 13 (Room 101), September 10 (Room 101), October 8, November 12, December 10, January 14

UPDATE: Starting on October 8, this event will be held in DiGiovanni Hall.



2018 Program - Save The Date(s)!
Saturday, February 10, 9am-5pm
Sunday February 11,  9am-12noon

Engaged? For general information and/or to inquire about/register for the next Pre-Cana program at St. Paul's Parish e-mail Nancy Nicolaou.. For marriage paperwork, contact Fr. George Salzmann or (617) 491-8400 ext. 326.


Anyone seeking to become Catholic, please contact Fr. George Salzmann or call 617.491.8400.


Would you like to have your dorm room blessed by one of the priest chaplains? Contact Fr. Mark Murphy, Undergraduate chaplain at: harvardpriest@gmail.com or at (617) 491-8400, ext. 341.

If you do not yet know Father Mark Murphy, you can 'meet' him via this short video clip hosted by the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust. Just click-on Father Murphy's picture below and then hit the <play> button.



Sign Up Today!

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to EVkids' Tutor Director/Chaplain Heather Angell! Heather received the St. John's Prep "No One Walks Alone" MLK Service Award earlier this year for her
work in providing economically disadvantaged young people with access to educational opportunity. Based at the HCC, and working with Harvard and a few other area university undergraduates, Heather is responsible for recruiting and guiding volunteer students as they partake in a one-to-one multi-year tutoring/mentoring match program with Boston's opportunity youth. As a longtime partner with EVkids and a supporter of its social justice mission, the Harvard Catholic Center couldn't be more thrilled for Heather and blessed to have her ministering to and with Harvard Catholic undergraduates.

"How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard"

aurora, griffin, booklaunch, hcc

Aurora Griffin '14, author of How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard, on CatholicTV!
Aurora 'kicked-off' her book tour with a stop at the Harvard Catholic Center on September 28 for a talk, Q&A, and an ice cream social.  She discussed keeping one's faith at a modern university, and shared practical tips related to academics, community, prayer, and service that helped her remain a 'power Catholic' at Harvard. A group of approximately 40 - i.e. mostly students; some parishioners - attended the event. The HCC wishes her much success and many blessings!
UPDATE: Listen to Aurora Griffin's November 19 interview on The Dan Cheely Show.

Father Bill Kelly's Installation Mass

frkelly, installation, collage

Special moments from Fr. Kelly's Installation Mass on Sunday, October 9, 2016 at which the Most Reverend Peter J. Uglietto, V.G. officiated as the Principal Celebrant and Homilist. Many gathered for this milestone occasion including Fr. Kelly's family and friends , several clergy members, and many parishioners, students, staff, parents, alumni, volunteers, and visitors. Both the Mass and reception were blanketed in God's grace and blessings. And no one there will ever forget the brief blackout that occurred during mid-Mass!

Harvard Law School graduate and talk radio host, Dan Cheely, JD '74 spoke with Father Bill Kelly, Senior Chaplain about Catholic life at Harvard.
The interview was recorded on The Dan Cheely Show on September 7 and is available throughout the Relevant Radio Network, Talk Radio for Catholic Life. To listen click on the "Stream" on September 10, or like on Facebook.






Graduate Students and Young Professionals





CSA Class of 2011

The undergraduate group is known on campus as the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association, more familiarly as the CSA.  Picnics, prayer, discussions, spaghetti suppers and late night study breaks - the CSA combines spiritual and intellectual seriousness with the warmth of community, good fun, and service to people in need in the Harvard Square community and beyond.

The CSA provides a wealth of opportunities to undergraduates: retreats, communal prayer and small groups; discussions of contemporary religious and moral issues; and special liturgical events through the year.  Students volunteer in soup kitchens, schools, shelters for the homeless and tutoring programs for inner city youth.  Within St. Paul Parish, they teach CCD and serve as liturgical ministers.
There are many ways for the students at Harvard's various graduate and professional schools to become involved in Catholic life in Harvard Square.  Many offer weekly discussion groups or Bible studies, and the Law and Business Schools even offer Mass on their respective campuses.

Area young professionals are invited to participate in the programming offered at the Center as well.  Some of the most popular events that bring together graduate students and young professionals include monthly Thursday dinners and the Theology on Tap ministry.  There is even a group geared towards newlyweds and new parents called Young Couples and New Families: A Work in Progress.

CLSA Pro-Life Breakfast Photo
DC Event in April

We love the opportunity to meet our alumni and alumnae and encourage you to stop by for a visit whenever you find yourself in Harvard Square.

We also hope you will consider joining us at one of our regular liturgies, celebrated next door to the Harvard Catholic Center in St. Paul's Church.  Our summer Mass schedule is below:

Saturday at 5pm
Sunday at 7:30am, 9:00am & 11:00am
Daily at 8:00am & 12:10pm

We host special events for our alums throughout the year, both here at the Center and around the country.  For information about past and upcoming HCC alumni events, please visit the link below.
A staff of chaplains and administrators provides year-to-year continuity and support to the programming that takes place at the Harvard Catholic Center.

The Center is currently headed up by Senior Chaplain Fr. William Kelly,  Graduate Chaplain Fr. George Salzmann, and Undergraduate Chaplain Fr. Mark Murphy. The chaplains are available for counseling and spiritual direction. Appointments help, but you are always welcome to stop in! To learn more about these dedicated individuals, please visit the link below.

Doug Zack, Director of Advancement and Carol Sardo, Advancement Associate round out the Harvard Catholic Center staff.

l-r:  Fr.Kelly, Fr.Salzmann, Fr.Murphy
2016 Commencement Spielberg

 Visit the Site for the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association  

Visit the Harvard Catholic Center

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How Can I Help?

The Center is located at 29 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. The Center is open daily as well as on many evenings and weekends during the academic year when students are hosting events.  If you are coming by to visit during regular business hours Monday-Friday, please ring the bell at the 29 Mount Auburn Street entrance.  Use the interactive map at right for detailed directions. The Harvard Catholic Center receives no financial support from the University.  It is funded entirely through the generosity of students, their parents, interested alumni/ae, and friends.  Please consider making a donation today.