You are invited to DudleyFest, the annual information fair for incoming GSAS graduate students to be held on Thursday, August 30, at 11:30am. While celebrating the beginning of a new year at Harvard and learning more about GSAS resources, new graduate students also meet with the leaders of student groups on the Dudley House patio.

We need to staff a table for the Harvard Catholic Center to let new grad students know that the chaplaincy exists. Last year, we had a life-size cutout of Pope Francis, which was a big hit for everyone (including non-Catholics).  It is a great opportunity to meet incoming GSAS students and to build-up the faith community within the Harvard Catholic Center. 

Please contact Josh Shutter if you think you might have some time to volunteer at DudleyFest 2018, or if you know of another Harvard grad student who might be interested in volunteering.  The event starts at 11:30 am and goes until 3 pm.